Have questions? Here's a list of our FAQ's including product specs, payment types, shipping and delivery, assembly and set up details for your vanity glam mirror.

Product Specifications

How large is the Vanity Glam Mirror? The Vanity Glam Mirror is 20 inches by 19 inches. It's not too wide. It fits comfortably on a small desk, vanity or wall. 

Is the Vanity Glam Mirror heavy?  No, the frame is made from a lightweight aluminum frame. The mirror weighs less than 5lbs. 

What is the power configuration? Our mirror is powered by a USB cord with an AV Adapter. There's 2 options to connect your USB cord: side (for hanging wall installation) or back (ideal for table top mounting)..

Can I replace the light  bulbs? Stay tuned as we are working with our manufacturer to retail custom bulb replacements. 

Can I dim the lights? Our mirror offers 5 light intensities or brightness levels which are easily controlled by pressing and holding the touch screen button.

I'm African-American, are the lights too white/bright for my complexion? Our lights compliment all skin tones and complexions. The white light mimics daylight while our amber light gives a warmer hue to the skin. You can easily control the brightness with the various intensities.


What payment types do you accept? We accept all major credit/debit cards and PayPal. 

Do you offer layaway? We do not offer layaway. Our mirrors are priced competitively to reach all prospective customers. 

Do you offer COD? No, we do not offer COD.


How long will it take for my mirror to ship? It will take 30-45 days for our initial shipment to be fulfilled. We're accepting orders before the holiday rush! Our mirrors won't deliver until after Christmas. We estimate an early January delivery date. 

What delivery options do you offer? Customers in the Baltimore, DC, Northern VA area have first preference as our team will hand deliver your mirrors.

My mirror was damaged during delivery, what can I do? Oh no! Please contact us immediately for a refund or replacement mirror. Email Sales@PrettyMuchStore.com or call 443.449.4712 for assistance. Returns (non damaged mirrors) are accepted up to 7 days after delivery. 


How long will it take to assemble my mirror? The Vanity Glam Mirror comes completely assembled! If you plan on hanging on the wall, you must secure the mirror with screws. For tabletop, please attach the bottom feet. Each foot must be attached to the mirror base via 3 screws (included). 

Are there lots of small parts/screws? No, there's only 6 screws for tabletop mounting and 2 screws for wall mount. 

Can I assemble my mirror alone or do I need a handyman? You can do it yourself in a matter of minutes!