About Us

Hey there!

I’m Jamaya Moore, founder of Pretty Much Beauty! I’m excited to have you join the family! Pretty Much Beauty is beauty obsessed (per our name) but we also love good gadgets and tech. 

As a freelance makeup artist for over a decade, I’ve been able to work with women to help them enhance their beauty. Plus, I’m a die-hard beauty fanatic so I’m always game to try new products. Once I fall in love with a product, I have to share it!

Back in 2013 we launched our “baby” Glam Mirrors. We’ve learned a TON since then and couldn’t resist offering the Vanity Glam Mirrors to our family for 2019! I’m not gonna get all emotional because I really missed yall. I just wanted to take time to say THANK YOU for joining our fam and hugs to our old fam!  

Oh and one last thing before I go...please keep up with us online. I wish we could hop on the phone and chat like old friends but everyone is so busy (LOL). So let's stay connected via social media! 

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xo, Jamaya